Monday, April 11, 2011

My Phat Diss

Dear Phat Joe,
I really hate your show,
I think it's time for u to go,
U think you're phat,
But you're a copy cat,
Stealing ideas from u know who,
U even stole a member from his crew,
Now you're dissing him,
Don't u know he's the king,
He can do anything,
So what if he's not your competition anymore,
What the hell are u looking for,
Are u just jealous that Nigel can host a show all on his own,
He doesn't have to hide behind the microphone,
So just leave him alone,
Coz we the fans will alwayz have Nigel's back,
& We'll be ready at anytime to attack,
So keep doing what u do,
Coz without Nigel Pierce your radio career is through...

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