Monday, April 11, 2011

We want Nigel Pierce Back

They change is sometimes for the
But I really can't stand the rest,
Eversince Nigel's been gone,
My morning bus trip feels so long,
Now I'm not saying Guy Mcdonald's show is bad,
But I miss the fun Nigel had,
I miss the crew,
& The great things they used to say & do,
Like Jackets on the sport,
& Lyndon with the traffic report,
Or Rosie with news,
& Nic organizing the great interviews,
I miss Nigel playing "Glory Glory Man United,"
It made Nigel very excited,
So excited that he'd play it over &
over again,
But we the listeners don't complain,
Infact most of us are Man U fans too,
Nigel we miss u,
I wish there was something we could do,
Coz I miss listening to your sexy voice,
Now with your new slot I can't listen to u coz I have no choice,
Ghfm management plz bring Nigel
back to the breakfast show,
Or I'd be forced to listen to Phat Joe,
& That's something I wouldn't like to do,
Coz for 26yrs I've been listening to u,
Now all I ask is to have Nigel back on the morning slot,
Coz we miss him alot,
Besides he's the best breakfast dj
Ghfm's got...

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